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My wife and I stopped in Roswell, New Mexico mainly because it was on the way from one place to another. I did know of some faint connection with Roswell and aliens and UFOs and that sort of thing, but I couldn’t remember exactly what. When we first arrived in Roswell and started looking for a place to stay, everything seemed pretty ordinary at first. It’s a small town of about 40,000 people with the usual look you’d expect of any other town about that size.

The only thing that really stood out in a first pass through main street is the military school that looks quite a bit like a castle. It’s somewhat of an imposing sight, but certainly not bizarre. But then we started reading some of the signs, even for major fast-food restaurants. Underneath Arby’s normal display of special deals was another sign that read in big letters: “Aliens Welcome!” and it was followed by a funny looking script that looked like something from independence Day.

McDonald’s Playground really looked distinctly like a space station. Half the downtown stores advertised “Alien Merchandise! UFO’s!” in their windows and we drove past the “Cover-Up Cafe.” We decided to stay at the “Frontier Motel”, definitely not a bizarre sounding name, but while checking in I noticed that there was a typical-style alien blow-up doll in the corner. A little odd, sure, but we shrugged it off. We headed back downtown looking for a place to eat.

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I then noticed, on second glance, that the seemingly normal streetlights were actually in the shape of alien heads complete with the typical-style alien eyes and were even slightly green-tinted. I realized this was not just an average town and whatever I heard about Roswell’s connections to aliens and UFOs must have some significant truth to it. It didn’t matter that I still couldn’t remember what. And as curious as I always am, we decided to dive a little deeper into this strange town.

So, we headed back to the “Cover-Up Cafe” and stopped for dinner. It seemed to be a rather large diner-type restaurant with an interesting decorative theme. The outside is plastered with signs about weather balloon sightings and reports and also has a camouflaged jeep on the sidewalk for decoration. The inside had a flat screen TV on the wall that said it was tracking weather balloons, though I didn’t notice any type of real information on it, just sort of a Doppler-radar type picture. We arrived around 7 PM on a Tuesday night and the restaurant had only one other customer – not good for business.

The only unusual thing I could find on the menu at the “Cover-Up Cafe” was a “Green-Chili Cheeseburger.” Everything else was standard diner fare. I decided to try the Green-Chili Cheeseburger and to my disappointment there was no green in it at all. But it was decent.

When paying our bill I decided I’d ask the manager/cashier a bit about the UFO situation in the town. She seemed to be an older lady, typical of what you’d expect at a diner. I saw on the counter some postcards and DVDs about the Roswell crash site and I remembered that this is where the government supposedly covered-up a UFO crash landing. So, I asked the lady about the crash site, where it was, if you could still see it, etc.

She told me it was a long ways outside of town and was no longer available for public access. I asked her if there was ever any real wreckage there and what she thought it was. She said something wrecked there alright and the government was quick to hide it, there was something they really didn’t want anyone to know. She urged me to check out the UFO museum and learn more about it.

Well, the next day we decided we’d head downtown again and see some of the shops before we headed out of town. Out of curiosity we decided to stop at the “Roswell International UFO Museum amp; Research Center.” It was a rather large portion of a downtown block, looked intriguing, and was only $5 per adult admission, so we figured we’d check it out. Inside were row after row of walls with photocopies.

Important documents, pictures, newspaper clippings, 3-D models and everything else you’d expect at a respectable museum of historical nature. On top of that, visitors flooded the place. It wasn’t packed (it’s a rather large-size museum, all things considered) but we probably saw more than 100 people come and go in our short time there. The first part of the museum was dedicated to “The Roswell Incident”.

Roswell received popularity for the incident because it was the largest town around and it was the Roswell Army Air Field that secured the site. Apparently quite a few of the town’s inhabitants were also connected one way or another to the incident though some of their testimonies only appeared in the last few decades. One thing I learned about the incident is that there was definitely some sort of wreckage material.

At the site and the government was very interested in maintaining a tight perimeter around it and only released limited information that was contradicted over time. This much is sure and it earned the town national and world-wide attention at the time. The rest of the Roswell International UFO Museum amp; Research Center was dedicated to UFO sightings and close encounters of every kind. 

In my opinion, this gave the museum quite a bit more credibility. There were scale models of ancient UFO transcriptions and miniaturized versions of UFOs and a full-size replica of an alien autopsy. There was even a research library which supposedly contains all major and credible published works on UFO and alien phenomenon. It’s definitely a very respectable museum and worth your $5 if you’re at all intrigued and it’s priceless if you’re a true believer. That’s another interesting thing I learned about the town. Many of Roswell’s inhabitants apparently are true.

It’s almost hard to disagree because no one (but the US government) can deny that the government covered up something. And other than a handful of contradictions and other bits of “evidence”, they apparently did a pretty good job of it. Was the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident really a UFO crash landing with struggling extraterrestrial survivors or was the US Army covering up their own failed top-secret experiment?

Who knows? I left Roswell, New Mexico both intrigued and perplexed. I’d like to know, but I bet no one (besides those high-ranking government officials, many of whom are now deceased) ever will. I’d like to think that if so many of the town’s inhabitants buy into it, they must know a bit more about it since they were there at the time. But my money’s still on a top-secret Army project, probably of some kind of weapon or something.

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