A History of The Urantia Papers


Copyright 2000
Larry Mullins, Boulder, CO
All Rights Reserved
Used by permission.


by Larry Mullins
with Dr. Meredith Justin Sprunger




Chapter One

"If this is not an authentic picture of reality, it is the way it ought to be!"


Chapter Two

Chicago and Dr. William S. Sadler


 Chapter Three

"Something has happened to my husband"


Chapter Four

"There is one peculiar case I have not yet been able to solve"


Chapter Five

"We were introduced to many new, and to us, somewhat strange concepts"


Chapter Six

"The majority of your Forum shock me with their lack of enthusiasm"


Chapter Seven

"It was not portrayed to be error-free"


Chapter Eight

"You are now on your own"


Chapter Nine

"In my opinion there can be only one edition of The Urantia Book, the first"


Chapter Ten

"The baptism of joys and sorrows"






Current Status of the Revelation