Devil’s Tower

Devil’s Tower

Richard Dreyfus’s encounter with aliens in 1977 is not what started the tourist trend to this inspiring natural pneumonia. The American Indians have been coming for centuries to hold ceremonies here and scientific studies have been performed on the rocks to gain clues to our past and find out more about this flat topped mountain.
Devil’s Tower is located in Devil’s Tower National Park and was actually the very first national monument during Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidential Term in 1906. The nationalizing of this site sprung a wave of national parks issued by Theodore Roosevelt and created a new industry of tourism and recreation that would take some years to realize.

Devils Tower has been a sacred to the American Indians for centuries. Today, some of the same ceremonies are held on the top of the mountain. Only a select few of these ceremonies are open for public speculation, but getting to the top has been compared to rock climbing in the Alps.

Devils Tower was originally a Laccolith, formed by molten lava pushed up in a column and cooling rapidly during the black hills formation. The outside layer of molten rock has eroded away and what is left is Devils Tower.

The national park is about 1,300 acres and has many trails that window around the mountain. Climbing up the massive rocks that lay on the hillside, you can see how these rocks once covered the now exposed tower. You have to be careful while hiking around the mountain on the hills of rock. These rocks are the homes Rattlesnakes and they are very jumpy. You do not want o get bit by one as they can be deadly.

Devil’s Tower is 867 feet tall with the foot hills around it standing 250 feet tall. During scientific expeditions of the top, it is oval in shape, and domed in the middle giving it a bowel like appearance. This bowel is actually 15 feet higher in the center according to observations made during multiple climbs and studies.

Devils Tower is amount the most magical and strange national monuments in the United States. Go and see it for yourself and enjoy the rest of the park as well.

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