New Mexico

New Mexico

There is a new commercial on television that always gets my attention, but I had yet to see the whole thing, and I had no idea what it was for. It has these lizard-dinosaur things walking around in clothes talking to each other in scenes that look like something out of The Office. I asked my friends and family if they had seen the commercials with the Reptilian beings, and they hadn’t. I was very curious. What were these lizard things, and what did they want us to buy from their company?

Finally one day an ad popped up on my computer revealing it as a commercial inviting you to visit New Mexico. I clicked on the ad, and it took me to Roswell.

Their site has neon green icons you can click on to learn about touring New Mexico. It was here that I was finally able to watch the commercials in their entirety. Did you know the aliens tape their own episodes of The Office? These clips had Reptilians that may or may not have been alien versions of Michael, Pam, and Dwight.

I then clicked on the various things you could do in New Mexico. No wonder the aliens wanted to visit! I don’t know what their native landscape is like, but in New Mexico you can explore caves, canyons, and even scuba dive! There is a list of scenic byways, though I’m not sure how the aliens could sit in rental cars with those tails.

New Mexico has a wealth of art galleries. I’m not sure whether or not aliens can even see in color, but I’m sure human eyes could appreciate destinations like the Institute of American Indian Arts.

The cowboy lifestyle is alive and kicking in New Mexico. Aliens and humans alike would enjoy taking in a rodeo. There are abundant opportunities to hit the trails for a horseback ride, but this may be an activity best left to humans, rather than aliens which too closely resemble predators and would scare a horse half to death, which was news to me.

Your trip to New Mexico is sure to be enhanced by Southwestern cuisine, if you live. I’m not sure what aliens eat; probably tourists, digital cameras, and fanny packs. But for the human traveler, you can sample tamales with red and green chilies. Follow that with some beer from a local brewery, and you might be able to convince yourself that you really didn’t see a six foot tall creature with scales and claws checking in at your hotel desk.

If you click on Backstage Pass, they even show the aliens creating their little episodes of The Office, and all the work that went into it. They’re working hard to bring you to New Mexico, and you won’t even have to travel across galaxies to get there.

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