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What’s Hot

Harrison Ford married Calista Flockhart yesterday in New Mexico. TMZ is reporting that Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart got married at the Governor’s mansion in Santa Fe, and have finally put their relationship in concrete. This seemed to be a long time coming, and many won’t be that surprised that the couple finally got married. Ford and Flockhart have been together since 2002, and recently got engaged over Valentine’s Day weekend in February of 2009. Now the couple has been married, and it looks like they probably did it during a break in Ford filming his latest movie down in New Mexico. Ford is on location there for the new film Cowboys and Aliens, which is due out on July 29th, 2011.

The Cowboys and Aliens film looks like it could be pretty interesting and already has a nice cast attached to it. In addition to Harrison Ford, they have Daniel Craig, Sam Rockwell, and Olivia Wilde on board. Craig is of course from the James Bond films, Wilde is on House, and Rockwell was most recently seen as Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2. The cast as well as the story should draw quite a large audience when the movie finally makes its way to theaters, and it is one of the early favorites to bring in a very nice box office during the 2011 film season.

Calista Flockhart got her big break as Ally McBeal for five seasons on the air, and has most recently been a star member of the Brothers amp; Sisters cast. She will probably continue her work on Brothers amp; Sisters until the show comes to a close, keeping her busy while Ford continues to work on films. They have always seemed like a good couple, even though there is an extreme age difference between the two actors. Now they have surprised everyone with a wedding down in New Mexico, which was perfect to keep it out of the eyes of the tabloids.

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